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12 Month

Mentorship Course

In today’s competitive market, branding yourself as an expert is no longer optional but mandatory if you plan to take a lion’s share of the billion dollar industry you are in.  The consumer of the 21st Century is a highly evolved buyer due to the information age and internet world we all live in.  It is of vital importance to build your brand and business in order to create visibility and the trust factor in the mind of the consumer.


What separates you from your competition is not only your program and product but your branding visibility in the marketplace. Every multi-billion dollar company invests enormous sums of money to establish their brand in the world of the business.  Branding yourself as an expert who helps people and companies with your product line will help you dominate your market and create the million dollar image that helps establish the trust factor in your company.

We will personally train and coach you on marketing and lead generation systems to capture your target market for your product line.  It is the system used by the highest profit companies in the world.  The technique is not based on hype but on the laws of science and psychology.  We will teach you how to make more gain customers for life and not just make a onetime sale.

Unlimited Coaching for 12 Months

You will have unlimited access to my coaching and mentoring with me, one on one training, phone calls, and emails.  In this 12 month mentorship program we teach you…

  • How to build a six figure income from your  current business

  • How to create and build CD, DVD and e-book products for pennies and sell them for thousands of dollars

  • How to sell thousands of dollars of products from sending out emails

  • How to build and use lead generating products to grow your business

  • How to monetize your website

  • How to build a list of followers

  • Exact training on how to create an audience, develop a following and sell them products. 

  • How to create a buying environment instead of a selling atmosphere·

  • Howto write and build a daily blog·

  • Learn the secrets of becoming rich by conducting boot camps.

  • Why you do not have to be a writer to be a published author and make thousands of dollars from your book.

  • How to set up a Membership program.

  • How to get people to pay you $500.00 to let them set up a display table at your


“Our number one objective is to put money into your pockets by teaching you how to earn 
“Thousands of Dollars” from your business”

You will learn my method and secrets to making an outrageous amount of money in business while making a powerful and positive change in the lives of many. I will personally teach you everything you need to duplicate my results and take your business to a whole new level. It is the little secrets that you do not know that is keeping you from the multiple six and seven annual income. I will teach you all the secrets of the trade that will completely amaze and stun you. I will help you customize your message for your own target market. Here is what you get for your investment: 

You will have unlimited access to my coaching and mentoring with one on one in person training, phone calls, email and internet sessions.  This is the most valuable part of this entire package because I will guide you on the proven paths that work and help you avoid the many pitfalls that have destroyed many ventures. 

  • Building a Information Business Empire​

  • ​Building Packages from $1000.00-12,000.00 price range

  • Million Dollar Marketing Training        

  • Training in the Million Dollar closing secrets

  • How to create audio, visual and digital products with e-commerce and multimedia capabilities

  • Unlimited hands on coaching for 12 months with in personal one on one training, phone calls and internet venue.

  • Mentorship Library

  • Million Dollar Marketing DVD Course

  • Think Like a Millionaire DVD Course

  • YouTube and Social Media Training

  • Free Access to all Boot Camps and Events

  • Published in four Power of Mentorship Books with Custom Covers (25 Free Printed Copies)

  • Massive Exposure Marketing 

  • How to Brand yourself as an expert 

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Best online program to become an author and Certified Mentor. Power of Mentorship inside secrets of how to create financial success in your speaking business. We will explore the depths of marketing, sales, building a presentation, creating your products like books, ebooks and launching you in the marketplace. Our objective is to give you the tools to help you speak and become all you can be.