Have you wanted to write a book?

In the edition of the Power of Mentorship series, we want to tap into the insights and wisdom of today’s successful business person, coach, trainer and entrepreneur and the extraordinary secret element of becoming more successful.

What does it take to be successful in life and business?

What are the key elements to having success.

We want you to write about the areas that you are an expert in, be it on finances, time management, business, success, marriage, health or whatever your expertise is. What is your Passion? What are you known for? What is your product or service?

Are you a coach, speaker, professional, business owner or a leader running a successful home based business? You have insights that can help other people say yes to their Dreams.

The Power of Mentorship book series now have 27 volumes and have over 200, 000 printed copies in the marketplace worldwide and a million e-book versions globally.  We want to personally offer you the opportunity to join our team of Internationally known bestselling authors like Bob Proctor, Brian Tracy, Marie Diamond, Denis Waitley, Jim Rohn and Zig Ziglar just to name a few and to take advantage of this brand new e-book Phenomena wave that could make 2014 the best financial year you ever had. Then, once you become one of our published authors, I will personally teach you how to implement the Genius Gene of Marketing and how to use your e-book to turn Strangers into Customers.

There is no cost to become one of our published co-authors; as a publishing company we pay for the entire cost of production, editing, cover design, book format, ISBN number and copyright. We deliver you the entire book in a PDF format ready for you to use as the…

#1 Marketing Tool to Grow Your Business, Increase Your Income and Attract More Customers

We also provide online support showing you step by step how to use and market your e-book along with 12 months of personal assistance to help you maximize this tool.
Your Obligation: 

The only obligation you have as a co-author is to pay a one-time e-book licensing fee of Eighteen hundred U.S. dollars ($1800.00). This entitles your full permission to market and sell the e-book nationally and internationally royalty free and as a giveaway product. There are no renewal fees, royalties or monthly dues you must pay.

Space is limited in our books, and a phone interview is required in order to determine if your subject matter is in alignment with our publishing goal. If you have any interest in being featured in our upcoming book, please contact us at don@donboyer.org

​We  look forward to helping you make your business grow in profits and customers through the power of a book!

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Best online program to become an author and Certified Mentor. Power of Mentorship inside secrets of how to create financial success in your speaking business. We will explore the depths of marketing, sales, building a presentation, creating your products like books, ebooks and launching you in the marketplace. Our objective is to give you the tools to help you speak and become all you can be.